Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anniversary Gift Gone Wrong....The Knight Fails to Appreciate his Queen's Gift...

It was Saturday...our anniversary. I was very excited because I had been a good boy and done all that was asked of me by my Queen during the preceding week, although admittedly, I did have a couple of disrespectful moments. I had given Queen her first monthly tribute gift which she was very pleased with. Queen dressed up for the night out with a provocative flair, looking incredibly sexy. I wasn't wearing anything fancy, nice golf shorts and a polo with sandals. The contrast in our look, just as the contrast previously pointed out in a previous post between her luscious pussy and my pathetic cock, was dramatic.

We started out having dinner at a nice little relatively casual place in Royal Oak. Queen took charge right from the get go, informing the waiter that I would be permitted to have one glass of wine (she would later modify this to two). She ordered my food (picking the two entrees she thought she would enjoy most). When the waiter came and asked whether we were finished with an appetizer plate that had come with some bread, I asked him to leave the bread. Queen countermanded this request and instructed the waiter to take the bread away, which he quickly did. It was at this point that I think the waiter became clear on who was in charge, and perhaps was even a bit afraid of my Queen. From that point on, nearly all interaction with the waiter was through my Queen, he hardly even acknowledged my existence at the table until Queen instructed him to give me the bill. From dinner, we went for a stroll in downtown Royal Oak. Browsed through Noir Leather, and then on to a pastry shop for dessert. Overall, the evening was an excellent one. While I will admit that I got a little embarrassed at dinner, I found the public humiliation by Queen to be exciting. This is not to mention that I was with my beautiful wife, who I adore, celebrating our anniversary.

Once home, with the kids in bed and after we hung out for a bit, it was time for bed. Queen had promised me release inside her luscious pussy and the opportunity for my first cream pie. It appeared that this was going to be my only anniversary present, so I was hoping she would let me have it in short order. Queen started masturbating, eventually ordering me to assist, which I complied with, although not with much gusto. Queen had announced that in order for me to get my gift, I would have to make her cum at least 5, and preferably 7 times. I was tired (I had made a 10 hour drive on Friday and then done the Queen's chores all day Saturday leading up to our evening out), and at this point, I was a bit demoralized. I had concluded that I just wasn't up to the task.

Queen reached her 5th orgasm and decided I would be permitted to have my gift. Unfortunately, my pathetic cock was burdened by a case of limp dick. I had a hard time getting in up. Once I did, and Queen allowed me to enter her luscious pussy, I came in less than 10 seconds.  Queen ordered me on my back, swung her leg over my body so she was facing the opposite way and planted her sopping wet pussy with my cum in it (a fair amount had already drained, but there was still a good amount there). Again, I was just not of a mindset to lap it up like I had fantasized so many times. I licked some up, keeping my mouth in place for a minute or two and then gave in and called it a night. In retrospect, I wish Queen would have been firm and forced me to fully clean things up and bring her to another orgasm, but she let me off lightly and the night was done. One again, my cock had proved to be ineffective in fucking Queen and it and I turned in yet another pathetic performance. Queen, and her luscious pussy deserve so much better.

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