Sunday, August 12, 2012

Queen's Version: She Takes Control, Yet Gives Knight Many "Gifts"

The weekend was quite an experience. It started on the dance floor. I love to dance and men seem to love to watch (always skeptical if they should approach). The way I move my body on the floor is quite provocative and sensual. A few take their chance, and once others see that I am open to dancing, grinding, and even both taking and giving a feel here and there, others get the balls to try. From a young, heart-broken man there to get laid, to a group of male friends (trying to do the same), and great dancing freak of a man, an older cougar with smoken hot legs, and several others, I danced. Several of them coming back for more and more.

Three main frequent flyers discovered my hubby up on the second floor watching (while all locked up tight), and while first intimidated, they soon learned that I "had him by the balls," and that it excited him to watch. These guys ate that up, telling me they could be the man I needed, wanting to fuck me there that night. One even grinding deep and hard almost came twice (according to self report), but it is my nature to tease and not release. Truth be told, I felt more dicks that night than I have in my first 39 years. Yes this was through their jeans, but I could tell, first on my ass and pelvic areas how long and hard they were then to inspect with my hands--telling them they the were excited or a little too small for my taste. This went on for hours. While dancing sharing with them about my fresh Brazilian wax from earlier in the week or how my thong (from the grinding) was causing me to pulse in my jeans. All of this was a great treat for my husband. He loved to see me with those other men. I loved feeling wanted and desired by man to only shoot them down and return back to the bedroom with my husband.

However, the night was young. The hours of dancing and teasing was just a warm up for the night. I changed into my body (crotch-less) stocking and told my husband to undress. I stuck the my dirty (creamy and sweaty) thong panties into his mouth and used three different canes to strike his ass (asking him which hurt worst). During his cane punishment, I reminded him to keep his hand off my cock (it was not longer his), and to do his chores and service on time. I also reminded him that I was in charge and that I would only take another man if that is what I wanted.

Next, I inserted the strapless strap-on, ordering him to suck my dick, preparing him to discover what getting fucked in the ass feels like. I bent him over the bed and pillows, lubed up, and inserted my silicon cock swift and deep, and without preparation started pounding him hard and harder. Moans and yelps exited at first, but with continued pounding, he was close to cumming. I stopped and demanded pussy service.

After about a half hour of pussy worshiping and a couple of Os, I ordered him in me from behind (my favorite), but I reminded him not to cum. He had to pull out several times to gain his composure (to keep from cumming in my pussy--forbidden without permission and after I have had my share of Os). Once I was ready, I gave permission for release in me. Once done, I stood up on the bed, over his mouth and ordered for him to clean all his mess. Usually worthless after cumming, we stop there, but not this night. The excitement from the dance floor kept our spark. He worked me to more Os, he had the gift of yet another release. This morning, he was awarded his 3rd and final release for a very long time.

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