Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love to Reward Good Behavior

I love how I can get what I want in bed and have a hubby so willing and ready to serve even though there is no promise of release or pleasure on his part. Friday night, started with some major teasing of his cock with some added humiliation about the size. Once he was hard and wanting to cum, I stopped, making sure his focus switched to pleasuring me. While he has a magic tongue, I prefer his magic fingers and hands. After my first wonderful orgasm, I rolled him over and stood above him on the bed. I came down on top of him, sticking his hard, yet stubbing cock in my stretched, wet pussy (he even had to ask if he was inside me). Only I didn't need to assure him due to the fact that he quickly started thanking me for allowing him to enter my luscious pussy, asking--no begging, if he could cum tonight.

We has been working hard on his chores this week. Although they haven't been 100% completed, since he has a demanding work schedule, he has been trying. In addition, he worked out every day with me this week. He knows me well, and he knows that I just may reward his behavior. I am currently working on a weight loss incentive/gift list for him that I hope to have him post soon.

I stroked his cock as I move up on down on his short shaft, confirming that he is in--although swimming as a lonely little clown fish out in the open ocean. The looseness of my opening and wet, wide insides excites him more as he knows that there are others out there that should be satisfying me more. We talk about how I have felt and seen bigger dicks that can please me and how I should be letting those dicks serve my pussy. As he reaches his frustration level of holding on since he has yet been given permission to release, I hop off and demand another PIV O from behind--my favorite. I cum quickly and hard, throbbing for several minutes as he keeps the right pace to keep me in the right state by having my pulsing bullet on my clit and his rightly timed strokes through my opening. He has to remove his cock to allow him time to calm his excitement which ends my several minute O. During this time he works me over with two of my favorite dildos (the huge black one enters with no problem)-giving me more pleasure and another 2 Os.

He begs for release and to do so in my pussy--a privilege that has long passed as his normal method. I do remind him that he has been a very good boy, and this is indeed a possibility even though his release counter is not expired. I allow him to enter another time telling him he has two minutes to make me cum and he may do so but only at the same time. We have a pretty good rapport and body reading to be able to climax at the same time. Right before release, he asks one last time, making sure he can cum in my pussy, only to hear me tell him he can and will clean his mess and eat me to another O.

Our mutual orgasms were so intense and together (not to mention it was late), that I told him to go clean up his cock and the toys and that I was done for the night.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Convincing Me and Getting to this Point

When we first started experimenting with D/s (WLM) in the spring of 2012, we started as Mistress and slave boy. We played around with Godess as well. However changing to Queen/knight was a much better fit for us. I am a loving person and love to reward service and loyalty. I am also loyal to my subject(s). I appreciate the service of my knight and love being in charge of him, but I also love sharing some of the power with him. Don't get me wrong, I do own his cock. It is mine to do as I please.

I often hear about how man want to bring it up to their partner but not sure how or if it is a good idea. It took my knight some time of laying hints and bringing it up, but I share the items that were most influential in us making the shift:
1) One weekend he just became a submissive sissy boy slave. I didn't like this at first. It felt unnatural. He would ask permission to do any and everything and waited and serviced me for two days. The second night he asked permission to kiss and touch me. He asked permission to lick my fantastic (word he used) pussy. At this moment we both realized how incredible soaking wet and creamy my pussy was--obviously speaking volumnes about how excited the given power made me feel.
2) He started to service me with acts he thought he should do (I was not at the place where I wanted to ask or demand). He took over all laundry and some other housework. This was a huge move on his part.
3) I started with some small demands that we carry on to this day: a glass of ice water with lemon on my night stand with my bed turned down, two chocolates, and foot massages as requested.
3) Reading the book: The Misstress Mannual: the Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance. I have since read many more that have helped me. In addition, I read many blogs to get ideas.

Once we started to practice this more and incorporate it more into our everyday lives (which at first I thought this just a bedroom game), we both saw benefits. We continue to see them. We adore and love each other greatly. A big tip and help for us has been making the lifestyle a little more formal which outlines expectations and created our foundation. See a list of rules and expectation in one of our first posts to our blog.
It's been trial and error in learning and interpreting the expectations but we both are closer, communicate better, and have a new appreciation for each other. I have been more sexual and more confident on myself and our marriage.

I am still a litte apprehensive about somethings and will hold strong on others (some will only be fantasy play and others off limits totally), but I am calling the shots.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Queen's Version: She Takes Control, Yet Gives Knight Many "Gifts"

The weekend was quite an experience. It started on the dance floor. I love to dance and men seem to love to watch (always skeptical if they should approach). The way I move my body on the floor is quite provocative and sensual. A few take their chance, and once others see that I am open to dancing, grinding, and even both taking and giving a feel here and there, others get the balls to try. From a young, heart-broken man there to get laid, to a group of male friends (trying to do the same), and great dancing freak of a man, an older cougar with smoken hot legs, and several others, I danced. Several of them coming back for more and more.

Three main frequent flyers discovered my hubby up on the second floor watching (while all locked up tight), and while first intimidated, they soon learned that I "had him by the balls," and that it excited him to watch. These guys ate that up, telling me they could be the man I needed, wanting to fuck me there that night. One even grinding deep and hard almost came twice (according to self report), but it is my nature to tease and not release. Truth be told, I felt more dicks that night than I have in my first 39 years. Yes this was through their jeans, but I could tell, first on my ass and pelvic areas how long and hard they were then to inspect with my hands--telling them they the were excited or a little too small for my taste. This went on for hours. While dancing sharing with them about my fresh Brazilian wax from earlier in the week or how my thong (from the grinding) was causing me to pulse in my jeans. All of this was a great treat for my husband. He loved to see me with those other men. I loved feeling wanted and desired by man to only shoot them down and return back to the bedroom with my husband.

However, the night was young. The hours of dancing and teasing was just a warm up for the night. I changed into my body (crotch-less) stocking and told my husband to undress. I stuck the my dirty (creamy and sweaty) thong panties into his mouth and used three different canes to strike his ass (asking him which hurt worst). During his cane punishment, I reminded him to keep his hand off my cock (it was not longer his), and to do his chores and service on time. I also reminded him that I was in charge and that I would only take another man if that is what I wanted.

Next, I inserted the strapless strap-on, ordering him to suck my dick, preparing him to discover what getting fucked in the ass feels like. I bent him over the bed and pillows, lubed up, and inserted my silicon cock swift and deep, and without preparation started pounding him hard and harder. Moans and yelps exited at first, but with continued pounding, he was close to cumming. I stopped and demanded pussy service.

After about a half hour of pussy worshiping and a couple of Os, I ordered him in me from behind (my favorite), but I reminded him not to cum. He had to pull out several times to gain his composure (to keep from cumming in my pussy--forbidden without permission and after I have had my share of Os). Once I was ready, I gave permission for release in me. Once done, I stood up on the bed, over his mouth and ordered for him to clean all his mess. Usually worthless after cumming, we stop there, but not this night. The excitement from the dance floor kept our spark. He worked me to more Os, he had the gift of yet another release. This morning, he was awarded his 3rd and final release for a very long time.

Queen and Knight Have an Excellent Night Out....And Knight's Cherry Ass if Popped

This past Friday, we went out on the town for an evening which we had planned for some time. The evening would include dinner out,followed by a visit to a nightclub and I was looking forward to it. A coupleweekends ago, Queen had gone out to another nightclub with a friend and had come home to tell me about all the grinding and cock feeling she had done. This evening we were going to be out with some friends, so I had to hope that they would leave the club early so I could have the opportunity to see Queen inaction grinding and groping on the dance floor.

After have a great dinner we headed to the club. We got there a bit early and it was a little dead when we got there, but before longthe place started to fill up. My Queen and her friends hit the dance floor. Queen quickly gained the attention of many of the men out there. While her friends were present, she was friendly with the guys, but not overly flirty. My anxiety over whether I would get a chance to see Queen working over the guys came to an end when her friends called it an early night and we were left on our own at the club. Queen wasted no time, she is a fabulous dancer and was an inviting partner to the men perusing the dance floor. Throughout the night, she danced with a variety of men of all shapes, sizes and colors, often grinding andfreaking to the point that one guy nearly shot his load in his pants while working her ass with his cock over the clothes. By the time the night was done,Queen had been groped over all parts of her body, and felt more cocks than shecould count. Understand, this is quite a switch from the “good girl” that Queen typically is. As I watched her be the object of desire of all the men around her,my cock was straining against the confines of my CB-3000. We left the club justbefore closing time, heading back to the hotel.

Once we arrived at the room, Queen instructed me to lay on the bed. I was to be punished for a number of transgressions. She had brought a variety of her implements…her natural wood switch, her plastic resin cane and a natural cane. Queen beat me with each, asking me which hurt most. Next, Queengot out her new strapless strapon dildo. She order me to suck her cock which I did, licking the shaft from top to bottom and taking as much of it into mythroat as I could. Next, she called me down to the end of the bed where she had put some pillows down. She ordered me to bend over and she lubed up my ass. Atfirst I thought she was going to be gentle as she was simply probing to make sure she was in the right spot; however, once she was there, she rammed it home.It quickly became apparent that Queen was going to violently ass fuck me as she pleased. I was in pain as she rammed the dildo in my ass as far as it would go.I begged her to stop, but she wouldn’t, she just kept on pulling it out and ramming it in as hard and fast as she could. I was laid out spread eagle on the bed with my ass being stretched as Queen wildly fucked me with her new toy. After a while, she eased up the pace and was fucking me at a steady tempo. As she did this, I began to enjoy it, feeling the plastic cock go deep into me.Soon it felt like I was going to cum. I told Queen and she pulled out, tellingme to clean up and come service her on the bed. I worked her over with my tongue and fingers, getting her to cum several times. After that, Queen had me enter her but I was instructed that I was not allowed to cum. I was in Queen,but not very effective as I have a tiny pathetic cock. It took some time, but eventually, Queen came again. She had me keep going. I had to pull out periodically to keep from coming, but I was able to get her to another orgasm and then she gave me permission to cum and I shot my load. Queen had me clean my mess as has become her custom when she allows me to cum in her luscious pussy. After I lapped up my jizz, we cleaned up we layed stretched out on the bed. We were both still horny and Queen ordered me back into her from behind. Once I was able to bring her to another orgasm, I was allowed to cum yet again. After this, we called it a night…it was about 4:00 a.m. and we were both zonked out. I suspected that Queen would require additional servicing in the morning, but for now, I was allowed to rest. It was a great night.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Queen's Update: Hot and Horny

This week has been very exciting for me. I can't seem to get sex (well not sex as much as orgasms and pleasure off of my mind). I want to masturbate and stick objects in my pussy. However, I have been on my cycle, so I haven't demanded my nightly pussy service or used any other stimulus other than my bullet. My husband's new jailbird came (again), and again, we had to send it back for ring resizing. His nuts are huge and very imbalanced, and it makes putting the ring on difficult, but the ring is too big and he can slide out, so it's no good. I loved seeing his cock in the metal cage verses the plastic though. This is a real turn on for me. I hope we get it to the right size and get it here. I want to try and make him go 21 days!

My husband loves the thought of me being out with other men, and loves to watch me dance and flirt. This past weekend, I went out with a younger friend to a college bar. I was worried about being the oldest one there. The experience, however, was great for both my husband and I. I decided to wear jeans and leave my anklet at home. I told my husband to go ahead and take the device off later and jack his cock, thinking of me on the dance floor (maybe off in the restroom with another--although this is fantasy talk. If you have read any  of my other posts, you know I don't and won't go there). I also told him that I wouldn't be able to take my phone it, so not to expect any messages and I didn't know when I would be home.

We got there too early, but a man in his 40s latched on; later my friend wanted to ditch him; his dancing embarrassed her. This we did. We spent the next hour dancing the floor. Soon she found someone for the night, so I was on my own. This is not a problem. I love to dance. While I would never say that I am good at it, men seem to love to watch (I like giving them a show), and I usually get approached to dance. I love to move my body to the music. I have nice curves and they are appreciated. I danced with men, woman, people that could be either, every color, every size, boys young enough to be my son and men a little older than I. Some polite asking if I grind, others taking me, so I could feel their long, hard cock pressed up against my ass or pelvic bones (some even tall enough that I could have been titty fucked--if my boobs were actually big enough. I have small breasts and love it. Big boobs are overrated). Anyway, I would dance a little and then I would tell them that I am not interested and not available and they moved on--sometimes coming back around. The dance floor was packed; to go anywhere meant rubbing up against people.

My favorite part of the night was with a man (30 by report) who asked why my husband wasn't there if I was married (my wedding ring is in the shop being fixed--go figure). I told someone for the first time in person about him being locked up. Saying it online is one thing. Saying it out in public was exciting. He didn't understand, so I elaborated on why, how, and that I was in charge of his cock and his release. I also talked about one of our punishment sessions. This guy was very aroused, calling me a dirty, sexy bitch (and I loved it). He then started to share every kinky fantasy he has ever had each time telling me that he had never shared them with anyone; because it was so loud, he had his lips pressed up against my ear. This went on for about 30-40 minutes, then I left as I was bored and returned to the dance floor.

My most comical part of the night was when a 21 year old wanted to keep dancing with me when I told him to go and find someone his age. He argued. I told him that I was old enough to be his mother, but this excited him more. Go figure!

As I got home, my hubby seemed to wake up right away wanting to know the stories and what happened--of course using basics from the night and adding fiction to arouse him. I always call nights out like this "digging for research." The problem is that he already jacked it and came earlier and the cream I make him wear so he doesn't come in seconds had him too numb to feel anything. I was able to get three Os. We don't regularly have period sex, but on occasion I order it. I even gave him permission to enter my ass, but he just couldn't get hard enough. Sigh

Yet, this week we have had a lot of sex chats and IMs, and I can't stop thinking about all the attention. I have been horny. I have teased him a great deal and not allowed release. I love to suck his cock and not let him touch it all night. AND to top it off, my new cane arrived today. I just used two little love taps to test, and I think it will be a good vice for keeping him in line. I love to start exercising some of the domme actions in public. We have an exciting weekend planned and I hope it turns out better than last weekend--maybe the new strapless strap-on will be here!

He and D/s has turned me into a kinky addict--although still pretty tame and mild to most. :)
I know this is a lot of rambling, but I thought it time for a little update on my perspective.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last Night's Punishment: Effective Outcome

The last few days my hubby has been waiting to find out what his punishment was going to be for lacking off on chores, journaling of his food intake, and not following through with some of his rules in a timely manner. I truly think he was testing me because he knows that punishment and humiliation are both hard for me to dish out. However, I have done my research.

First, I had suspense. Most nights he thought he was going to be punished, but I just did a teasing sessions. However, last night was the night. I believe he thought he had another pass because it was time for bed, yet our night was just getting started. I threw him his new jock, see-through panties and told him to put them on. I loved the clear vinyl front, where I could see him all locked up in his device. Next, I placed his new hot pink heels in the corner and told him to stand. He spent about 5 minutes there in the corner while I retrieved his medium-sized butt plug. I told him to walk over the the bed and bend over. I inserted the plug (deep), causing him to moan out and had him return to his corner. I lectured him on his rules, chores, and my expectations for about another 10 minutes. Once done, I had him wash the plug, take off his panties and heels, and get into bed face down where I strapped him into the restraints.

After I inserted a pair of my dirty panties from the day into his mouth, I started on the bed with a quick massage, massaging deep into his shoulder blades and back. I then added IcyHot to his balls and retrieved my new fiberglass stick, smacking it on the bed then his butt once to see how it would do. From the moan and the movement (that of looking like he was shocked with major voltage), I could tell the stick would work just fine.

As I prowled around the bed lecturing he some more and addressing his mockery of my punishments before, I decided on 12 lashings (no where near his last one of 50). He had four rule infractions which meant 3 or each one. The first 2 were delivered together with ten to go. They were swift and painful. The next two sets of three made him breach like a whale. I changed my pattern to leave suspense, and ended the session with one last final (and hard) lash to make 12. 

I rubbed his ass, unstrapped him, unlocked his cock, told him to go wash it and his balls and return to bed. Once there, I spent the next 15 minutes sucking and stroking him, getting him so very horny. He begged to cum, but it is not time for release and this was a punishment session. He asked to kiss my ass; I allowed. Then we spent the next 20 minutes cuddling, as I, the Queen, asked.

This morning....he did all of his chores in record time. I think the session worked. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anniversary Gift Gone Wrong....The Knight Fails to Appreciate his Queen's Gift...

It was Saturday...our anniversary. I was very excited because I had been a good boy and done all that was asked of me by my Queen during the preceding week, although admittedly, I did have a couple of disrespectful moments. I had given Queen her first monthly tribute gift which she was very pleased with. Queen dressed up for the night out with a provocative flair, looking incredibly sexy. I wasn't wearing anything fancy, nice golf shorts and a polo with sandals. The contrast in our look, just as the contrast previously pointed out in a previous post between her luscious pussy and my pathetic cock, was dramatic.

We started out having dinner at a nice little relatively casual place in Royal Oak. Queen took charge right from the get go, informing the waiter that I would be permitted to have one glass of wine (she would later modify this to two). She ordered my food (picking the two entrees she thought she would enjoy most). When the waiter came and asked whether we were finished with an appetizer plate that had come with some bread, I asked him to leave the bread. Queen countermanded this request and instructed the waiter to take the bread away, which he quickly did. It was at this point that I think the waiter became clear on who was in charge, and perhaps was even a bit afraid of my Queen. From that point on, nearly all interaction with the waiter was through my Queen, he hardly even acknowledged my existence at the table until Queen instructed him to give me the bill. From dinner, we went for a stroll in downtown Royal Oak. Browsed through Noir Leather, and then on to a pastry shop for dessert. Overall, the evening was an excellent one. While I will admit that I got a little embarrassed at dinner, I found the public humiliation by Queen to be exciting. This is not to mention that I was with my beautiful wife, who I adore, celebrating our anniversary.

Once home, with the kids in bed and after we hung out for a bit, it was time for bed. Queen had promised me release inside her luscious pussy and the opportunity for my first cream pie. It appeared that this was going to be my only anniversary present, so I was hoping she would let me have it in short order. Queen started masturbating, eventually ordering me to assist, which I complied with, although not with much gusto. Queen had announced that in order for me to get my gift, I would have to make her cum at least 5, and preferably 7 times. I was tired (I had made a 10 hour drive on Friday and then done the Queen's chores all day Saturday leading up to our evening out), and at this point, I was a bit demoralized. I had concluded that I just wasn't up to the task.

Queen reached her 5th orgasm and decided I would be permitted to have my gift. Unfortunately, my pathetic cock was burdened by a case of limp dick. I had a hard time getting in up. Once I did, and Queen allowed me to enter her luscious pussy, I came in less than 10 seconds.  Queen ordered me on my back, swung her leg over my body so she was facing the opposite way and planted her sopping wet pussy with my cum in it (a fair amount had already drained, but there was still a good amount there). Again, I was just not of a mindset to lap it up like I had fantasized so many times. I licked some up, keeping my mouth in place for a minute or two and then gave in and called it a night. In retrospect, I wish Queen would have been firm and forced me to fully clean things up and bring her to another orgasm, but she let me off lightly and the night was done. One again, my cock had proved to be ineffective in fucking Queen and it and I turned in yet another pathetic performance. Queen, and her luscious pussy deserve so much better.