Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last Night's Punishment: Effective Outcome

The last few days my hubby has been waiting to find out what his punishment was going to be for lacking off on chores, journaling of his food intake, and not following through with some of his rules in a timely manner. I truly think he was testing me because he knows that punishment and humiliation are both hard for me to dish out. However, I have done my research.

First, I had suspense. Most nights he thought he was going to be punished, but I just did a teasing sessions. However, last night was the night. I believe he thought he had another pass because it was time for bed, yet our night was just getting started. I threw him his new jock, see-through panties and told him to put them on. I loved the clear vinyl front, where I could see him all locked up in his device. Next, I placed his new hot pink heels in the corner and told him to stand. He spent about 5 minutes there in the corner while I retrieved his medium-sized butt plug. I told him to walk over the the bed and bend over. I inserted the plug (deep), causing him to moan out and had him return to his corner. I lectured him on his rules, chores, and my expectations for about another 10 minutes. Once done, I had him wash the plug, take off his panties and heels, and get into bed face down where I strapped him into the restraints.

After I inserted a pair of my dirty panties from the day into his mouth, I started on the bed with a quick massage, massaging deep into his shoulder blades and back. I then added IcyHot to his balls and retrieved my new fiberglass stick, smacking it on the bed then his butt once to see how it would do. From the moan and the movement (that of looking like he was shocked with major voltage), I could tell the stick would work just fine.

As I prowled around the bed lecturing he some more and addressing his mockery of my punishments before, I decided on 12 lashings (no where near his last one of 50). He had four rule infractions which meant 3 or each one. The first 2 were delivered together with ten to go. They were swift and painful. The next two sets of three made him breach like a whale. I changed my pattern to leave suspense, and ended the session with one last final (and hard) lash to make 12. 

I rubbed his ass, unstrapped him, unlocked his cock, told him to go wash it and his balls and return to bed. Once there, I spent the next 15 minutes sucking and stroking him, getting him so very horny. He begged to cum, but it is not time for release and this was a punishment session. He asked to kiss my ass; I allowed. Then we spent the next 20 minutes cuddling, as I, the Queen, asked.

This morning....he did all of his chores in record time. I think the session worked. 

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