Sunday, August 12, 2012

Queen and Knight Have an Excellent Night Out....And Knight's Cherry Ass if Popped

This past Friday, we went out on the town for an evening which we had planned for some time. The evening would include dinner out,followed by a visit to a nightclub and I was looking forward to it. A coupleweekends ago, Queen had gone out to another nightclub with a friend and had come home to tell me about all the grinding and cock feeling she had done. This evening we were going to be out with some friends, so I had to hope that they would leave the club early so I could have the opportunity to see Queen inaction grinding and groping on the dance floor.

After have a great dinner we headed to the club. We got there a bit early and it was a little dead when we got there, but before longthe place started to fill up. My Queen and her friends hit the dance floor. Queen quickly gained the attention of many of the men out there. While her friends were present, she was friendly with the guys, but not overly flirty. My anxiety over whether I would get a chance to see Queen working over the guys came to an end when her friends called it an early night and we were left on our own at the club. Queen wasted no time, she is a fabulous dancer and was an inviting partner to the men perusing the dance floor. Throughout the night, she danced with a variety of men of all shapes, sizes and colors, often grinding andfreaking to the point that one guy nearly shot his load in his pants while working her ass with his cock over the clothes. By the time the night was done,Queen had been groped over all parts of her body, and felt more cocks than shecould count. Understand, this is quite a switch from the “good girl” that Queen typically is. As I watched her be the object of desire of all the men around her,my cock was straining against the confines of my CB-3000. We left the club justbefore closing time, heading back to the hotel.

Once we arrived at the room, Queen instructed me to lay on the bed. I was to be punished for a number of transgressions. She had brought a variety of her implements…her natural wood switch, her plastic resin cane and a natural cane. Queen beat me with each, asking me which hurt most. Next, Queengot out her new strapless strapon dildo. She order me to suck her cock which I did, licking the shaft from top to bottom and taking as much of it into mythroat as I could. Next, she called me down to the end of the bed where she had put some pillows down. She ordered me to bend over and she lubed up my ass. Atfirst I thought she was going to be gentle as she was simply probing to make sure she was in the right spot; however, once she was there, she rammed it home.It quickly became apparent that Queen was going to violently ass fuck me as she pleased. I was in pain as she rammed the dildo in my ass as far as it would go.I begged her to stop, but she wouldn’t, she just kept on pulling it out and ramming it in as hard and fast as she could. I was laid out spread eagle on the bed with my ass being stretched as Queen wildly fucked me with her new toy. After a while, she eased up the pace and was fucking me at a steady tempo. As she did this, I began to enjoy it, feeling the plastic cock go deep into me.Soon it felt like I was going to cum. I told Queen and she pulled out, tellingme to clean up and come service her on the bed. I worked her over with my tongue and fingers, getting her to cum several times. After that, Queen had me enter her but I was instructed that I was not allowed to cum. I was in Queen,but not very effective as I have a tiny pathetic cock. It took some time, but eventually, Queen came again. She had me keep going. I had to pull out periodically to keep from coming, but I was able to get her to another orgasm and then she gave me permission to cum and I shot my load. Queen had me clean my mess as has become her custom when she allows me to cum in her luscious pussy. After I lapped up my jizz, we cleaned up we layed stretched out on the bed. We were both still horny and Queen ordered me back into her from behind. Once I was able to bring her to another orgasm, I was allowed to cum yet again. After this, we called it a night…it was about 4:00 a.m. and we were both zonked out. I suspected that Queen would require additional servicing in the morning, but for now, I was allowed to rest. It was a great night.

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