Thursday, August 16, 2012

Convincing Me and Getting to this Point

When we first started experimenting with D/s (WLM) in the spring of 2012, we started as Mistress and slave boy. We played around with Godess as well. However changing to Queen/knight was a much better fit for us. I am a loving person and love to reward service and loyalty. I am also loyal to my subject(s). I appreciate the service of my knight and love being in charge of him, but I also love sharing some of the power with him. Don't get me wrong, I do own his cock. It is mine to do as I please.

I often hear about how man want to bring it up to their partner but not sure how or if it is a good idea. It took my knight some time of laying hints and bringing it up, but I share the items that were most influential in us making the shift:
1) One weekend he just became a submissive sissy boy slave. I didn't like this at first. It felt unnatural. He would ask permission to do any and everything and waited and serviced me for two days. The second night he asked permission to kiss and touch me. He asked permission to lick my fantastic (word he used) pussy. At this moment we both realized how incredible soaking wet and creamy my pussy was--obviously speaking volumnes about how excited the given power made me feel.
2) He started to service me with acts he thought he should do (I was not at the place where I wanted to ask or demand). He took over all laundry and some other housework. This was a huge move on his part.
3) I started with some small demands that we carry on to this day: a glass of ice water with lemon on my night stand with my bed turned down, two chocolates, and foot massages as requested.
3) Reading the book: The Misstress Mannual: the Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance. I have since read many more that have helped me. In addition, I read many blogs to get ideas.

Once we started to practice this more and incorporate it more into our everyday lives (which at first I thought this just a bedroom game), we both saw benefits. We continue to see them. We adore and love each other greatly. A big tip and help for us has been making the lifestyle a little more formal which outlines expectations and created our foundation. See a list of rules and expectation in one of our first posts to our blog.
It's been trial and error in learning and interpreting the expectations but we both are closer, communicate better, and have a new appreciation for each other. I have been more sexual and more confident on myself and our marriage.

I am still a litte apprehensive about somethings and will hold strong on others (some will only be fantasy play and others off limits totally), but I am calling the shots.

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