Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modifications and New Year

The last few months have been less intense. Our lives with work and the children make it sometimes difficult to embed as much of the FLM lifestyle as my sub hub and I like and enjoy. I get tired and busy, so I don't enforce the rules so much and he gets lax and grows moody. We decided, however, to start a weekend ritual of punishment sessions to keep him in line more--by me keeping him more accountable. When it comes down to it, he is here to serve me and make my life easier.
Revision of Chores: The Golden Dozen

1. Wash, dry, fold, iron/steam most of the laundry;

2. Wash dishes daily;
3. Empty dishwasher daily;
4. Plan and prepare dinners (whenever possible based on family schedule), including doing the grocery shopping;
5. Tidy kitchen daily;
6. Make Queen's bed every morning;
7. Turn down Queen's bed (turn on mattress bad as conditions require) along with ice water with lemon at 7:30 p.m. sharp;
8. Provide Queen with a pedicure every weekend;
9. Have Queen's work outfit ironed/steamed and ready for her to wear each morning, including polished shoes and jewelry (assuming she picks out the night before);
10. Pack the children's lunches;
11. Change the Queen's bed sheets every weekend;
12. Perform additional chores/duties as assigned by Queen.

As it stands, our standard rules are:

1. Unless granted special permission from Queen, Knight shall not enter Queen's bed before her;         
2. Until Queen says otherwise (perhaps upon real substantive weight loss and fitness progress by Knight), Knight will stay within in eating allowance provided;
3. In addition to #2, Knight will provide Queen with a daily log/update of diet and exercise;
4. Knight shall provide Queen with an appropriate monthly tribute/gift;
5. Knight shall keep his cock, balls and pubic area hair free. Knight shall be permitted a minimum of 45 minutes out of his device every weekend for grooming and hygiene. This shall be under the supervision of Queen.
6. Knight shall put his work appointments and other obligations (along with the children's activities that he is aware of) on the family calendar as soon as possible;
7. Queen shall not be required to seek approval from Knight for activities she wishes to engage in She may choose to review the family calendar to look for scheduling conflicts, but she is free to do what she wishes, when she wishes, and in the manner that she wishes, without questions from Knight.8. Queen shall not be required to seek approval from Knight for the expenditure of funds. She may spend money to the extent and manner that she thinks is appropriate, without questions from Knight.
9. Treat Queen with the highest degree of respect at all times, even when Knight may not happy with what the situation.
10. Service queen, making her life as easy as possible. Do without her needing to ask. 

My knight will be expected to follow the above outlined lists. Punishment sessions happen weekly regardless of implementation as a reminder. Sessions will be more severe, however, if knight shows lax behavior or any signs of disrespect. Methods of dominance include some of the following: denial, chastity, ruined orgasms, milking, creampie/snowball consumption, ass fucking sissy panties, caning and spanking, humiliation, etc. Rewards will include release. A list of major rewards will be decided on in collaboration, including release in my pussy for special occasions.