Sunday, September 21, 2014

Want to Play (pay tribute)?

Pay Tribute to Queen Keyholder

I am interested in hearing back from subs (please seek permission from you Domme if you have one) and studs alike.

Identify the following if you choose to pay tribute:
Favorite body part
Sub or not
Favorite kink or fantasy

These guidelines are a progression; it is a prerequisite to pass each level, starting at Level 1. Queen has the final decision if someone should progress or have to repeat a level.

Level 1: Pay Tribute to a Sneak Peak Profile Picture on EP (print picture and come on picture. Send picture to Don't have an EP or Fetlife account? Let me know I can send you a level one photo.

Level 2: You will be emailed a picture (ass or pussy shot). You tribute the photo. Send it back to my email address along with picture of your cock.

Level 3: You will be emailed a picture. You tribute the photo on video.
Subs: beg to come and once you do, you must lick it up; feel free to wear a mask/disguise.
Studs: tell me what you would like to do with me and how you would fuck me if given the opportunity.
Send the video or link to the video to my email address.

Level 4: You will be emailed a video clip and/or picture (Queen’s choice) with audio clip. Queen will only play Domme in this clip. You will do another video to send to me. See a and b above.

Level 5: some might make make it to live online play...we shall see if Queen is won over by you, your cock, or your service.

Want to play?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Paying Tribute to Queen

I have decided to both arouse myself and feed into my sub hub's fantasy of cuckhold by having men video tape themselves paying tribute to my photos. The better their tribute the more revealing my photos. All exchanges will take place via email. Both D and S accepted. Subs will be performing additional tasks as well.  Working out the details and levels....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Hot Night

My knight knows that I love dancing. There's something about the music that makes my body explode with passion, excitement, and sexuality on the dance floor. He took me to a great place that plays disco as well as 80 and 90s dancing songs mixed with today's hits. I had on my jeans with bling on my ass pockets with my red Victoria Secret top where my boobs small yet perky where showing cleavage and the top stopped at my waist line to accentuate my small waist by curvy hips. I don't wear heels or skirts dancing because I like to be able to move and groove. I save my fishnets and  stilettos for other outings.  The jeans set low enough to expose skin and a sexy dip right before my ass. He set at a table not too far from the dance floor.

I was one of the first ones out. I love to dance so much that I don't care and have no worries about being out there by myself. I actually enjoy having the floor, and I enjoy all the men: young, old, all colors and sizes really watching what I can do with my body and imagining how I move in bed and what I could do to them. I don't stop.

It's not long before men approach me to dance. I dance with many and allow many of them to grind me if they can match my movements. After an hour, I am covered in sweat but smell sweet from my perfume.    I talk dirty to the men who have the courage to dance with me. My confidence and sexuality make even the sexiest guy question his chances of a hook up. I tell them my husband is enjoying to show and not to be alarmed or scared of him. He looks intimating at 240 pounds and his military type appearance, but I explain that I keep his cock locked up and I am in charge of what I do. This always arouses men. Most don't even understand male chastity.

Explaining that I have his tiny little clock all locked up in a metal cage confuses and excites them. I grab a couple of men's cocks and explain that I am in control.

 After finding a couple of men that click with my body and movements, I start to feel them up even more getting them hard to check out their package and what they have to offer. This one beautiful, dark-skinned male who towers over my 5 foot 5 torso. His cock is hard and long and while we are grinding he whispers in my ear that my ass is wonderful and he's about the cum. I firmly grab a hold of his cock and tell him he better not; he needs to save that to fill me up, so my husband can lick me clean. I grow excited about a cock that might actual fill me up. Most times I can't even feel my knight in me and he cums in under 5 seconds. I think this cock could fuck me long and hard while my knight watches him please me. I tell him that I doubt even he can fill me up; my favorite dildo is a BBC at 9 inches circumference and have been searching for it's match. Could he be it?

Meanwhile, my husband can hardly control himself. He is sitting at the table all locked up, bursting out of his cage with precum all over the metal constraining him and soaking his silk panties. Will he be eating this man's cream pie?

Not tonight. We go back to the hotel where he pleasured me, I fuck his ass hard, and release him to allow him to cum in me to eventually eat his own cream pie.