Sunday, September 21, 2014

Want to Play (pay tribute)?

Pay Tribute to Queen Keyholder

I am interested in hearing back from subs (please seek permission from you Domme if you have one) and studs alike.

Identify the following if you choose to pay tribute:
Favorite body part
Sub or not
Favorite kink or fantasy

These guidelines are a progression; it is a prerequisite to pass each level, starting at Level 1. Queen has the final decision if someone should progress or have to repeat a level.

Level 1: Pay Tribute to a Sneak Peak Profile Picture on EP (print picture and come on picture. Send picture to Don't have an EP or Fetlife account? Let me know I can send you a level one photo.

Level 2: You will be emailed a picture (ass or pussy shot). You tribute the photo. Send it back to my email address along with picture of your cock.

Level 3: You will be emailed a picture. You tribute the photo on video.
Subs: beg to come and once you do, you must lick it up; feel free to wear a mask/disguise.
Studs: tell me what you would like to do with me and how you would fuck me if given the opportunity.
Send the video or link to the video to my email address.

Level 4: You will be emailed a video clip and/or picture (Queen’s choice) with audio clip. Queen will only play Domme in this clip. You will do another video to send to me. See a and b above.

Level 5: some might make make it to live online play...we shall see if Queen is won over by you, your cock, or your service.

Want to play?

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  1. I hope that things are going well at this time. It would seem open ended at this time as posts do sometimes lag since I have been in those "shoes".