Sunday, September 30, 2012

What to do...

So I just came off of my period, and I have been extremely horny. We were too busy for period sex. My hub who has been lax on his chores with a shoulder injury has been very active with work this weekend. I am not sure if this is to make sure there is lack of a punishment session and more of a reward session or what. However, I plan to make sure the kids are in bed early, so I can get the pussy worshiping and pampering I deserve, for it is LONG overdue. I think we will start with a nice pedicure, foot massage (I did do my long run this weekend), body rubdown, pussy service, cock teasing, a few Os for me, and I will see where the night takes us. He can't cum in my pussy until his birthday (a little more than a month away), but if he does well, I plan to give him release since my yard looks lovely, dinner will be prepared, and my laundry is slowly getting caught up. His hard work may pay off for him indeed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Caging Goes Semi-Public.

About six weeks ago, my Queen and I went for our first ever Brazilian waxing at a salon in A2. Things were a little uncomfortable for me….aside from getting my pubic hairs ripped out, I was splayed out on a table being worked on by a female technician. In the end things went well. The technician was very cool about things and did a great job and I was happy with the job she did. After the appointment, my Queen and I made our next appointment for 4-5 weeks out, after that, I didn’t really give it much thought until a few days before our next appointment. It was then that my Queen started dropping hints that she may not unlock me from my chastity device for the appointment. During the next couple of days, I asked Queen if she was sure that this was a good move…going more public, and she was steadfast that I was going to be locked up for the appointment. When the appointment day came, I was both nervous and excited about how the people at the salon would react and what potential ramifications, if any, would be.

We entered the salon and went to the lounge area. Queen told the receptionist/office manager that she needed to speak with my technician. Queen went back to the technician’s room and Queen told her that I was locked in a chastity device and asked if it would be a problem. According to my Queen, the technician was both surprised and na├»ve as to what this meant. Don’t get me wrong, the technician is a 30ish attractive female with tattoos and a few piercing and I suspect she is pretty open minded. She just didn’t have any prior knowledge or experience in FemDom or male chastity. The technician told my Queen that it wasn’t a problem at all.

After that, I was taken back to the room and I undressed and lay down on the table. The technician came in and started to go to work. She was hesitant to bring it up at first, but I think her curiosity got the best of her and she had many questions about the device and my relationship with my Queen. Although it is true that there was an element of humiliation with this experience, it was also quite liberating as it was the first time someone other than my Queen had seen me in my cage or that I had discussed my cage or our FemDom relationship with anyone else face to face. It was clear that the technician was very interested in it and perhaps even a little excited by the situation.  Unfortunately, the device I was wearing was a new one and we didn’t have the sizing down quite right yet (that has been fixed now). As a result, as the technician was moving me around I slipped out and one of my testicals was squeezed in the device like a vice. The technician excused herself while I unlocked the device with the emergency key and got out. She came back in and finished the job, both Brazilian and back. I told the technician that I may be in trouble for slipping out. It finally started to connect that my Queen was fully in charge and that she had absolute control. The technician and I walked out into the reception area together where my Queen was waiting as she had just finished her own waxing. I approached her and told her what had happened. She asked the technician if I had purposely tried to get out and the technician confirmed that I had not. All in all, I think it was a thoroughly enjoyable outing for all involved. There is also little doubt in my mind that everyone at that salon now knows that I am locked in chastity and am a submissive husband. I am hoping that someday at an appointment there my Queen will have a reason to firmly discipline me….perhaps even spanking me in front of the salon crew.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Locked Up!

Third time must be a charm! It took us a while, but I think the new Jailbird device finally fits. Poor little thing all locked up! This is going be a lot of fun (evil grin).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Going a Little Public

Went for our wax appointment a week ago--waxing our "private" play areas. This time I made my subhub wear his cage. I told him a couple days prior that I would not be letting him out for his appointment. He asked me several times throughout the last couple days if I really was going through with it.

I did.

I asked to speak to his tech prior. She had no clue about male chastity or what it meant to be locked up. She got quite the education. I let her know that is she was freaked out, that I would unlock him, but she seemed OK and was very open. It wasn't until she was talking to my hub during the appointment that she realized that I had control of the key. She also learned that I am in charge and make the decisions. I think her boyfriend might be in for a little treat!

Anyway, I love being smooth. I love to touch and rub my pussy and want him to do the same. I demanded a PIV O--my favorite way; it was a great O. I then got on him and teased for a while. While riding him, I told him how his tiny little cock was just swimming around in me and that I couldn't feel him and that I was thinking about other huge cocks satisfying me. Obviously this excited him too much; he came without permission. I could tell him was close.

I jumped off and grabbed his cock as it started to explode with his cum. I squeezed the top, not allowing the rest to exit. I made him clean himself and me (not digesting it this time). I did tell him that he is in for quite the punish session; however, I was too tired to deal with his release without permission. I had a great punishment session that weekend; that's another post! I will order him to have his version of his waxing debut by Monday morning.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting back to where we were and some “reeducation.”

My Queen and I have been on the FLR journey since this Spring. We have had some bumps along the way, but both of us were/are thoroughly enjoying it. In late June we took a month-long family vacation combined with a business trip of mine.  Immediately following this, we had a house guest that was not well known to us for another six weeks. As a result, although we continued FLR and my Queen’s domination of me during this period, it was very difficult to engage in our regular routines given the circumstances. Moreover, we were not yet at a place in out D/s relationship where either of us (most importantly my Queen), was comfortable exhibiting our roles in front of others (this has changed which I will detail in a separate post). The good news is that I am back to being locked up on a daily basis, doing chores and servicing to my Queen. Most importantly, my Queen has returned, exercising her dominance and demanding that I do my chores and service to her. I think, like me, she is enjoying our D/s relationship more than ever and is starting to hit her stride.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Want to Tell

I am hitting my stride with last night's punishment session, and I have so much that I want to share. However, my subhub is behind on several entries--thus the reason for last night's session. Stay tuned for several updates!