Sunday, September 30, 2012

What to do...

So I just came off of my period, and I have been extremely horny. We were too busy for period sex. My hub who has been lax on his chores with a shoulder injury has been very active with work this weekend. I am not sure if this is to make sure there is lack of a punishment session and more of a reward session or what. However, I plan to make sure the kids are in bed early, so I can get the pussy worshiping and pampering I deserve, for it is LONG overdue. I think we will start with a nice pedicure, foot massage (I did do my long run this weekend), body rubdown, pussy service, cock teasing, a few Os for me, and I will see where the night takes us. He can't cum in my pussy until his birthday (a little more than a month away), but if he does well, I plan to give him release since my yard looks lovely, dinner will be prepared, and my laundry is slowly getting caught up. His hard work may pay off for him indeed.

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