Monday, September 17, 2012

My Caging Goes Semi-Public.

About six weeks ago, my Queen and I went for our first ever Brazilian waxing at a salon in A2. Things were a little uncomfortable for me….aside from getting my pubic hairs ripped out, I was splayed out on a table being worked on by a female technician. In the end things went well. The technician was very cool about things and did a great job and I was happy with the job she did. After the appointment, my Queen and I made our next appointment for 4-5 weeks out, after that, I didn’t really give it much thought until a few days before our next appointment. It was then that my Queen started dropping hints that she may not unlock me from my chastity device for the appointment. During the next couple of days, I asked Queen if she was sure that this was a good move…going more public, and she was steadfast that I was going to be locked up for the appointment. When the appointment day came, I was both nervous and excited about how the people at the salon would react and what potential ramifications, if any, would be.

We entered the salon and went to the lounge area. Queen told the receptionist/office manager that she needed to speak with my technician. Queen went back to the technician’s room and Queen told her that I was locked in a chastity device and asked if it would be a problem. According to my Queen, the technician was both surprised and na├»ve as to what this meant. Don’t get me wrong, the technician is a 30ish attractive female with tattoos and a few piercing and I suspect she is pretty open minded. She just didn’t have any prior knowledge or experience in FemDom or male chastity. The technician told my Queen that it wasn’t a problem at all.

After that, I was taken back to the room and I undressed and lay down on the table. The technician came in and started to go to work. She was hesitant to bring it up at first, but I think her curiosity got the best of her and she had many questions about the device and my relationship with my Queen. Although it is true that there was an element of humiliation with this experience, it was also quite liberating as it was the first time someone other than my Queen had seen me in my cage or that I had discussed my cage or our FemDom relationship with anyone else face to face. It was clear that the technician was very interested in it and perhaps even a little excited by the situation.  Unfortunately, the device I was wearing was a new one and we didn’t have the sizing down quite right yet (that has been fixed now). As a result, as the technician was moving me around I slipped out and one of my testicals was squeezed in the device like a vice. The technician excused herself while I unlocked the device with the emergency key and got out. She came back in and finished the job, both Brazilian and back. I told the technician that I may be in trouble for slipping out. It finally started to connect that my Queen was fully in charge and that she had absolute control. The technician and I walked out into the reception area together where my Queen was waiting as she had just finished her own waxing. I approached her and told her what had happened. She asked the technician if I had purposely tried to get out and the technician confirmed that I had not. All in all, I think it was a thoroughly enjoyable outing for all involved. There is also little doubt in my mind that everyone at that salon now knows that I am locked in chastity and am a submissive husband. I am hoping that someday at an appointment there my Queen will have a reason to firmly discipline me….perhaps even spanking me in front of the salon crew.


  1. Trust me they all know. Tip well and don't be weird about anything your fine. Work for salon for 20 years. They see a lot as long as someone is not asking or hinting for them to do something other than there job, you will just be known as a nice guy that wheres a Chasitity. ( I'm male) oh and if there female and do males she might even take your side if people talk bad about you in back room.

  2. On a practical point, it must have been difficult to completely wax your sack.. unless you had a PA piercing and a PA-5000 or similar, which imposes chastity without encasing any hairy bits..
    Also, BTW, I was waxed myself a few moths ago for the first time, and the tech. had never seen even a PA Piercing, let alone a chastity device! Yet she's been waxing for years.

  3. Anonymous...The tech and I got along well and nothing weird...tipped $20 (new to that ok? Tallestrina, she didn't do my sack, I do that with a cream on my own.

  4. I just wanted to drop in and say hello. My Wife and I have very recently started our own journey down the path of chastity and a Wife led Marriage. I've enjoyed reading your updates and look forward to hearing more! Thanks.

  5. Thanks, Scotty. The blogs is where I find some of my best research. That and practice on my hubby as well. ;)