Saturday, September 15, 2012

Going a Little Public

Went for our wax appointment a week ago--waxing our "private" play areas. This time I made my subhub wear his cage. I told him a couple days prior that I would not be letting him out for his appointment. He asked me several times throughout the last couple days if I really was going through with it.

I did.

I asked to speak to his tech prior. She had no clue about male chastity or what it meant to be locked up. She got quite the education. I let her know that is she was freaked out, that I would unlock him, but she seemed OK and was very open. It wasn't until she was talking to my hub during the appointment that she realized that I had control of the key. She also learned that I am in charge and make the decisions. I think her boyfriend might be in for a little treat!

Anyway, I love being smooth. I love to touch and rub my pussy and want him to do the same. I demanded a PIV O--my favorite way; it was a great O. I then got on him and teased for a while. While riding him, I told him how his tiny little cock was just swimming around in me and that I couldn't feel him and that I was thinking about other huge cocks satisfying me. Obviously this excited him too much; he came without permission. I could tell him was close.

I jumped off and grabbed his cock as it started to explode with his cum. I squeezed the top, not allowing the rest to exit. I made him clean himself and me (not digesting it this time). I did tell him that he is in for quite the punish session; however, I was too tired to deal with his release without permission. I had a great punishment session that weekend; that's another post! I will order him to have his version of his waxing debut by Monday morning.

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