Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting back to where we were and some “reeducation.”

My Queen and I have been on the FLR journey since this Spring. We have had some bumps along the way, but both of us were/are thoroughly enjoying it. In late June we took a month-long family vacation combined with a business trip of mine.  Immediately following this, we had a house guest that was not well known to us for another six weeks. As a result, although we continued FLR and my Queen’s domination of me during this period, it was very difficult to engage in our regular routines given the circumstances. Moreover, we were not yet at a place in out D/s relationship where either of us (most importantly my Queen), was comfortable exhibiting our roles in front of others (this has changed which I will detail in a separate post). The good news is that I am back to being locked up on a daily basis, doing chores and servicing to my Queen. Most importantly, my Queen has returned, exercising her dominance and demanding that I do my chores and service to her. I think, like me, she is enjoying our D/s relationship more than ever and is starting to hit her stride.

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