Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chastity Makes Me Hot

It has been several weeks since I have had my hubby in chastity. It seems he gets too lax when he's out of his cage. His chores don't get done promptly; he fails to service and worship me on a level that I deserve, and his attitude/tone gets out of submissive mode (especially when he's tired or stressed). He doesn't get to cum in my pussy much anymore; I don't much care for the mess. However, he has been ordered to clean up after his release. He has a birthday coming up and my gift promised to him was release in both my ass and my pussy, but this was when he was servicing me better. I am curious to see how his gifts play out for him. After being locked back up last night, I had the best set of orgasms that I have ever had. With a mix of my favorite vibrator, amazing oral of my entire pussy/ass area, and some finger play, I pulsated and moaned for the longest I can remember. Afterward, I licked his dick through his metal cage; he was bulging out through the slots. Over the past two days, my kitchen has been cleaned and the laundry is almost caught up. He has been back to kissing my feet and ass. I am thinking he really wants to please me (motivated by his birthday wish(es). We plan to revise our rules tonight to better help us embed FLR more in our marriage. My belief is that a good submissive will do everything he can to make my life easier without my needing to ask. He can be very in-tune with this, especially when to take control of his (I mean my) cock.

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  1. I am surprised that no one has commented on this post. I wish it was my birthday coming up. I am allowed release twice a year, once on my birthday in June and again at Christmas time. Since my last release at Christmas my mistress has added a new demension to our relationship. My mistress likes to take me to the adult stores and I must find the hottest clerk, tell her of my mistress' wish and then introduce her to my mistress.

    My mistress has started making me wear feminine under garments at all times. She makes me explain what I need to the clerk and then her and the clerk talk about my choices like I'm not even there. Lately I have been dressed up and taken to a strip club by my mistress.

    After a few minutes the clerk from our favorite adult store joined us at the table with her boy. The clerk was dressed in a black mini skirt, a leather corset and very sexy heels. My mistress was dressed in a red leather skirt, a tight black low cut blouse and black leather boots.

    Our mistress ' enjoyed watching the dancers tease us, as the knew that both myself and the boy's cocks had been caged. Has the night progressed the girls started to enjoy the company of some of the male patrons