Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love to Reward Good Behavior

I love how I can get what I want in bed and have a hubby so willing and ready to serve even though there is no promise of release or pleasure on his part. Friday night, started with some major teasing of his cock with some added humiliation about the size. Once he was hard and wanting to cum, I stopped, making sure his focus switched to pleasuring me. While he has a magic tongue, I prefer his magic fingers and hands. After my first wonderful orgasm, I rolled him over and stood above him on the bed. I came down on top of him, sticking his hard, yet stubbing cock in my stretched, wet pussy (he even had to ask if he was inside me). Only I didn't need to assure him due to the fact that he quickly started thanking me for allowing him to enter my luscious pussy, asking--no begging, if he could cum tonight.

We has been working hard on his chores this week. Although they haven't been 100% completed, since he has a demanding work schedule, he has been trying. In addition, he worked out every day with me this week. He knows me well, and he knows that I just may reward his behavior. I am currently working on a weight loss incentive/gift list for him that I hope to have him post soon.

I stroked his cock as I move up on down on his short shaft, confirming that he is in--although swimming as a lonely little clown fish out in the open ocean. The looseness of my opening and wet, wide insides excites him more as he knows that there are others out there that should be satisfying me more. We talk about how I have felt and seen bigger dicks that can please me and how I should be letting those dicks serve my pussy. As he reaches his frustration level of holding on since he has yet been given permission to release, I hop off and demand another PIV O from behind--my favorite. I cum quickly and hard, throbbing for several minutes as he keeps the right pace to keep me in the right state by having my pulsing bullet on my clit and his rightly timed strokes through my opening. He has to remove his cock to allow him time to calm his excitement which ends my several minute O. During this time he works me over with two of my favorite dildos (the huge black one enters with no problem)-giving me more pleasure and another 2 Os.

He begs for release and to do so in my pussy--a privilege that has long passed as his normal method. I do remind him that he has been a very good boy, and this is indeed a possibility even though his release counter is not expired. I allow him to enter another time telling him he has two minutes to make me cum and he may do so but only at the same time. We have a pretty good rapport and body reading to be able to climax at the same time. Right before release, he asks one last time, making sure he can cum in my pussy, only to hear me tell him he can and will clean his mess and eat me to another O.

Our mutual orgasms were so intense and together (not to mention it was late), that I told him to go clean up his cock and the toys and that I was done for the night.

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