Thursday, July 26, 2012

To Cum or Not to Cum

Oh, I am very excited about Saturday. My knight has sent me menus for approval--of course I have picked a place that had two entrees that I could not choose between, so I will order both--one for him and one for me and I will eat some of both. I can't wait to be more openly domme with him too. It's a little practice session. I need practice. My punishment practice went pretty well last weekend. The photo posted was a fresh shot, the bruises came out a couple of days later. This week, however, he has been a good, submissive boy, exercising when told, refraining from masturbation all week, hoping to be given the gift of cumming in my pussy for our anniversary. He has a goal of making me cum at least 5 times first. I prefer 7, a record for me. It may be a long night for him with a great deal of teasing, before he is permitted to release. I cannot wait to restrain him and tease the hell out of his cock. Demanding he not cum until I am pleased. He has gotten pretty good at waiting until I am on my last one, so we can cum together. That would be nice. I hope he is good while we are out. I would hate to ruin his orgasm or not allow one at all. I am sure he will blog about it next week--good or bad. 

I am curious, what do you think? It's only been a week since his last release. Should he get the anniversary gift of cumming in my pussy? Maybe I should make him clean his mess! :)
Please submit a vote/comment. 


  1. I have fantasized about my wife ordering for me at a restaurant. We had a peculiar time where we went out to eat and the waiter was obviously gay. He paid zero attention to my wife, and directed all the questions to me. We weren't playing in femdom at the time, it was just a very odd experience. It would be fun to reverse the role, and have her make all decisions for me.

    On average, my wife comes about four times per every orgasm I have. We have gone as high as ten or eleven in a row for her before I am released. The longest I have gone chaste was about three weeks, and that drove me insanely horny. My wife always seems to want to break this record though.

    Multiple orgasms are a gift that you as a woman have. To me, it demonstrates her dominance over me more, that her climaxes are not only more powerful and sexy than mine, but she can "go to that well" almost indefinitely, whereas I am good for nothing after I ejaculate. Her orgasms are a gift to me, it makes me feel so close to her when she experiences that pleasure and talks about how thrilling it was.

    As a male, I always say that I want to come, but it is rather excited for my release to be in her hands. As a fellow sub male, I hope that he does get to enjoy your pussy, but realize it's ultimately your decision as the domme.

    And yes, I have fantasized about having to clean up my mess, but my wife thinks my semen is gross and is not interested in that. Very hot though, I think that it would put me right back into a submissive mindset if she lowered her pussy over my face and made me clean her.


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