Friday, July 20, 2012

A New Queen's Perspective...

I wasn't sure about this whole D/s lifestyle, and I am still a little skeptical. I am a pretty conservative, good girl and have been surprised at some of the "things" that I have done with my knight prior to his knighthood (sex in the back of pick-up truck on the side of the road, sex on a veranda, sex chats, etc.). While I still have my concerns about resentment (and my own guilt) or even his ability to stay in his place (he can be pretty stubborn--and actually enjoys the punishment), I had noticed with the experimentation in the Spring that my pussy was extremely wet and creamy. The first day he truly treated me as his queen, I was so wet that we did not need any lube (which is uncommon) AND I came without my vibrator. I have become a little desensitized over the years, burning through several vibrators a year and needing the highest powered ones on the market. Orgasms are harder to reach at times, but have been better and last longer. When my knight's new device (Mature Metal Jailbird) came this week, I grew quite excited. I actually was so aroused that I started to throb. I decided to undress and masturbate. I was so wet that I took my largest dildo (quite massive--one we almost threw away because it was painful at first) with no help at all. I also used the device to masturbate; it was hot; I was excited. This "good" girl turned sensual--video taping  the device going in and my pussy devouring it. Watching the video of myself as I taped it on my iphone made me even more excited. I decided to do something I have never done--send the video to my knight to show him the pussy he worships in action and to remind him that he will stay locked and not be worthy enough to experience my wet, loose, creamy pussy wrapped around his pathetic little cock unless he abides by the rules set. There are times after I play with my massive dildo that I will let knight enter me from behind. On these occasions I can hardly feel him inside me and he usually cums in is really pitiful. His cock really is not worthy of entering my luscious pussy. He has a lot to do and prove. It will take a great deal of discipline and service to earn release--and it's been a while already since he has been able to release in this luscious pussy. Oh, he knows it is so worth it though. Even writing this makes me want to cum....oh, knight...It's been a week since my routine, daily servicing!

We are novices on this journey, whether you are a dominant wife or a submissive husband, we would like to hear from you.

Queen Keyholder


  1. It's nice to see a loving couple co-author a female dominant / male submissive blog. Looking forward to reading about your journey!


  2. Thanks! We are honored to have you as our first follower. I am hoping to have something to write about after our anniversary weekend.