Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hers is a Luscious Pussy....His is a Pathetic Cock...

I sit here in my hotel room, medium-sized butt plug inserted to remind me of my new found subservient place in the world, considering the dichotomy of the sexual organs of my beautiful wife and I. First, there is my wife the Queen, with the most luscious pussy that I have ever experienced (and yes I have experienced a good number). Her love box is well equipped, with the ability to coyly say….”hey, come on in.” This despite the fact that my Queen has only been with two men (including me) in her lifetime. Her pussy just rocks it, getting incredibly wet with the right stimuli and a clit that will get the size of a Jelly Bean and throb like a pulsing heart.  Her pussy, once worked over and well stretched can take enormous objects. She has a very large black dildo that we very nearly threw away because it was just too big, but any more, when the Queen is feeling good and horny and is nice and wet, she can swallow up that massive black cock before you know it without difficulty. And then there is my pathetic cock. It has not always been so, it was once larger and performed much better, but anymore, my cock has shrunk to a tiny little pathetic cock. Worse yet, Queen’s nickname for my cock is QAR (Quick at Release), because unless I put a numbing agent on, or a condom, or both, I usually cum within seconds of entering Queen, sometimes literally after one or two strokes.  Very often (more often than not), after Queen has been worked over by her dildos, including the massive black one, she has me enter her from behind. Queen loves me very much, and I know this, but she has finally confessed to me that very often, she can’t even tell whether my cock is in her or not. I truly have a pathetic little cock that is unable to satisfy my amazing, beautiful and sensuous Queen. She really does deserve better. I only hope my loyal service and discipline can keep her happy.

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