Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Queen Shows That She Can and Will Punish...

I have been traveling as of late for work. Last week, my Queen locked me up before we parted. I had used one of the longer pins on my CB3000 because I thought it would be more comfortable at night. Unfortunately, my first day alone on the road, as I was bending over to pick up the newspaper, I slipped out of my device. It was absolutely unintentional, yet I was worried about what my Queen might do. I reported it to her asap. Unfortunately, she had taken the other security seal tags, and I could not locate my lock. What this ultimately led to was me being very bad and defiant, masturbating (that is one of my major vices) several times a day. I estimate that I masturbated 20-30 times that week. Something that I am horrible at is lying to my Queen. She truly is my soul mate and I feel duty-bound to be honest with her. I confessed my transgressions. We had house guests when I got home that week, so although I could tell Queen was simmering over my defiance of her rules, my corrective training would have to wait until Saturday.  Saturday afternoon quickly arrived and our guests departed. I knew that the evening would bring my Queen’s wrath down upon me. She had me go out and pick some new switches (her preferred punishment method). I soaked them for her in the bathtub with salt water. Queen had requested I order a restraint system the week before, and I installed it on her bed. Once the kids were in bed and Queen and I were alone in the sanctuary of our bedroom, she had me lie face down on the bed and she secured me in the restraining device, systematically going around and tightening each limb to insure I had no slack. First, she gave me what felt like a sensuous massage, rubbing my back and body. Then she cinched the straps once more until she was satisfied I was secure. Then she stuffed some of her dirty panties in my mouth as a gag, grabbed one of her switches and began to pace around the bed like a wolf stalking its prey. She was talking, lecturing, telling me I was about to learn my lesson and that by the time she was done, I would know enough to keep my hands off of HER cock. She would taunt me and then bring the switch down swiftly, sometimes for a single blow and sometimes for multiple quick hits. This sweet girl who “didn’t get into punishment” certainly seemed to be hitting her stride in teaching me a lesson on how it was against the rules to masturbate. This continued for some time, as Queen had assessed me with 50 lashes. She had given me a taste of 10 lashes the night before, so I had 40 to serve. Even in servitude, I sometimes have the unfortunate habit of opening my mouth and being stubborn. Near the 40 lash mark, as Queen asked me how my ass was feeling I told her something to the effect that it “felt fine and her beating wasn’t shit. When are you really gonna hit me…” or something to that effect. Obviously, this was not a wise choice of words given the timing and my position. Queen brought her switch down upon my ass with such force that it broke the switch. Not deterred, she broke off the end, and started beating me with the thicker portion of the switch stick. Queen brought several blows down swiftly. The whole time, she had been counting. She was now up to 36, and she raised the stick high over her head and brought it down swiftly upon my ass. She went back around to the other side of the bed and with the flick of the wrist gave me two more. Then came the last, very hard hit. My ass was left bloodied, bruised and burning. She told me I was lucky my butt plug hadn’t come in yet or it would have been in the whole time as she was punishing me. Once I was done serving my punishment, Queen rubbed and stroked me, cleaning up my ass. While my words of defiance may have spoken otherwise, I had learned a number of lessons. First, that my Queen, despite her sweet loving nature, could be brutal and highly effective with her switch when she needed to dole out punishment to me. Moreover, while I have a pretty good ability to tolerate pain and punishment, there were times during this beating that my ass definitely hurt. I will be more compliant to the rules and the desires of my Queen in the future.

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