Monday, August 11, 2014

Exercising Power and Control with Denial

Back at FLM with come back last week.

My knight has been locked since Wednesday.

I decided to go to our first AIS (Adventures in Sexuality) outing Friday, and then I did some dancing afterwards--one of my favorite things to do. The men really like to watch how I move my body on the dance floor, and my hubby gets very aroused by them watching and sometimes grinding on me. Needless to say, by the time we got back to the bedroom, we were both horny as hell.            

The weekend consisted of routine pussy worshiping Friday (with great fisting since I was soaked and horny as well and he was pretty useless locked up), Saturday, and Sunday. We ended our weekend with a great femdom session Sunday which included the following acts:

  • Foot worshiping and massage as I set in the bedroom sitting chair in my snap crotch, red teddy spread eagle to tease him while he rubbed my feet. 
  • Pussy service by mouth, dildo, and vibrators while in the chair and he on the floor on his knees.
  • Canning session with punishment for insubordinate behavior (he completed the act as ordered but had a bad attitude about it). As I lashed his ass, I reminded him who was in charge and what I expected.
  • Pegging followed by deep, powerful ass fucking with strapless dildo, where he called out several times and I reminded him I was in charge.
  • Humiliation about his tiny cock and how we can't satisfy me with it alone.
  • More pussy service by sitting on face for more oral service
  • Allowing him entrance in my wet, creamy pussy but still in his cage only for me to have one last orgasm.

Will he be offered release next weekend? That is the plan if he is good this week. We shall see. For now I have some rules to be followed that fit into five categories:

  • Showing Respect
    • active listening
    • praise me, both in private and public
    • never sass back
    • exercise gratitude and apologize when needed
    • anticipate wishes, desires, and needs and do them before asked
  • Performing Service
    • housework when requested
    • pick up his messes
    • plan and make healthy meals when time allows
    • offer massage and foot rubs when I am stressed
    • dedicate love making to my pleasures
  • Romancing me
    • never miss an opportunity to show affection
    •  create intimate occasions
    • seek out ways to demonstrate love, submissiveness 
  • Gifting me
    • nice gifts on special occasions
    • gifts for no reason
  • Creating quality time
    • realizing I always have the right to change my mind
    • making time for me whenever requested 
    • join wife's hobbies and likes when requested

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