Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gifting a Ruined Orgasm

My night came over to the side of my bed on his knees. He began to massage me and start his nightly service of my pussy. Earlier in the evening he cleaned my back while I was in the bath and massaged my pussy and could tell that I was already very wet deep inside. He performed oral for several minutes. I ordered him to get out my vibrators. I had several good orgasms including a very intense last one. I allowed him in my bed, and I began to tease him. I stroked his cock through his panties and cage. This aroused him greatly. Pre-come was already spotting his silk panties. I had him remove them; I licked his tiny cock through the metal bars in his cage. I love seeing this 250 pound man all locked up in this metal cage. This caused him to grow beyond the metal keeping him nice secure by being very tight. I stroked him more and more and could tell that he was on the verge of coming. He asked permission if he was allowed to. I granted if he were able to do so with the cage on. With the help of the vibrator and my ass up around the cage, he grew very excited. He moaned and groaned and announced he was coming. While ruined because he couldn't get erect, the orgasm was very intense, long, and several, several days overdue. After he thanked me, I allowed him back in bed to cuddle until I fell asleep.

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