Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First Milking Session

Just getting back to a little D/s, I decided before I put my knight into long-term lockup, I would allow him release by milking. Of course, he did not know this; I only commanded that he clean his ass prior to coming to bed. Our night started with him servicing my pussy and ass with his tongue until I came. Once I did, I inserted my strapless (strap-on) cock and had him service it while I used my vibrator to cum again. As he took the cock deep into his throat, the ball inside of me mixed with the vibrations gave me an intense and long orgasm.

I praised his work and told him to get on all fours, naked and with his head down, worshiping and praising me, his queen. With his ass in the air, I asked him questions (who's your queen, who has the better cock, who is in control and charge). As he answered, I reaffirmed and canned his ass each time. I also told him that he was not to be lazy and do his chores. He did not know what was coming next.

I lubed his ass and smacked around his dick and balls. I inserting my finger in his ass, starting to milk his prostate with some occasional stroking of his cock. The training continued, lecturing him on his duties and how lucky he was. Also telling him how pathetic his cock is and how I deserve more. Within a matter of minutes, he comes all over the sheets, wanting desperately to lay down and relax after his release. With the cane still at my side, I order him to clean up his mess, every drop of it. Only after the bed is prepared for sleep could he enter and hold me before we went to sleep.

I am really enjoying the control. Most days I am excited about so much, I come home all creamy. I never want to put an excited, wet pussy to waste.

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